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5 Sports That Just Are Fun To Play But Terrible To Watch At Home

There are many people who love to play a variety of sports, from gentle sporting activities to ones that really get the adrenaline pumping. Many others prefer to stick to watching sports, gaining enjoyment as a spectator rather than a participant. Some people even do both – getting involved in some sports as a player and others just as a spectator.

However, while many sporting activities are fun to both play and watch, this is certainly not the case with all sports, There are certain sports that are all well and good if you are actually actively involved, but if you are standing in the sidelines or sitting in your real estate in front of the TV just watching the action – or lack thereof in some cases – it can get pretty tedious.

Sports you may want to avoid watching

The sports that might be great to be involved in but could be pretty boring to watch include:

  • Horse racing: Horse racing can be an exciting sport for the jockeys who are actually doing the racing. It can also be pretty thrilling for those who are watching because they have put money on a particular horse and want to see if it wins. However, this isn't really the most exciting sport in the world to watch just for the sake of watching.
  • Surfing: As a surfer, you can enjoy adrenaline pumping action in the water, as you ride the waves and show off your surfing skills. However, if you're on dry land, surfing is a pretty tedious sport to watch, as you will simply end up staring at surfers who are waiting for large enough waves to come along as they flounder around in the waters.
  • Golf: As a player, golf can be a relaxing and enjoyable sport. However, it is not the sort of sport that is going to be whipping up excitement amongst spectators and can actually be pretty boring if you are not actually playing. The fact that a game of golf can span for hours can also be a reason to never, ever watch a game of golf with your mates – you will quickly get bored and change the channel!
  • Cycling: While you may be interested to know who has won the Tour De France or other cycling races, actually watching a lengthy cycling event from start to finish can be a laborious task and is unlikely to have you on the edge of your seat.
  • Long distance running: The minds of the runners in a long distance race will be occupied as they focus on winning, but the minds of those standing in the spectator lines are likely to be elsewhere. Simply standing around and waiting for runners to come past, or even sitting at home and watching on the TV, is a recipe for boredom.

Of course, there are many sporting activities that are great fun to watch, and you will experience as much excitement as a spectator as you might as a player. However, when it comes to activities such as those above, you may find that there are far more productive – and exciting – ways to spend your time.

Maria Hicklin is a property investor who has purchased Stockland houses for sale in the Victoria area as part of her property portfolio. She also lives in Victoria with her partner and two children. Thankfully, they don’t watch too many boring sports.

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