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How to Score the Best Deals on a Golf Trip

Golf is often seen as an expensive hobby, particularly if you're someone who enjoys frequent long-stay golf trips. However, there are ways to enjoy this sport without breaking the bank. While equipment, course fees, accessories, memberships, and accommodations can quickly add up, there are strategies you can employ to reduce costs. Golfing on a budget doesn't mean compromising on quality experiences; it simply requires knowing where to look for the best golf deals. By the end of this article, you'll have a clear understanding of how to make the most of your golfing budget so that you can snag a great deal on your next golf trip. 

Book a Stay-and-Play Golf Package

When it comes to securing the best golf deals, one of the top tips is to book your entire golf trip as a stay-and-play golf package. By opting for a professional golf trip organizer, you gain access to their partnerships and discounts with golf clubs, resorts, and high-quality accommodations. Booking everything separately can result in significantly higher costs and a time-consuming process. With a stay-and-play golf package, the price is all-inclusive, covering essentials such as hot breakfast, shuttle transportation, and golf carts. The upfront pricing ensures transparency and eliminates any surprise fees when you arrive at your destination. 

Book During Shoulder Seasons

In addition to exploring weekday options, another effective way to save money on golf rounds or golf trips is to book during the shoulder seasons. Summer typically marks the high season for golf, with families taking holidays and people enjoying time off work. Understandably, this is when prices are at their peak. The primary golf season in Canada runs from April to October, with some regions extending it from March to mid-November. To secure the best golf deals, consider booking during the shoulder seasons. The most affordable times to golf are typically from the beginning of April to mid-May and October to November.

Explore Undiscovered Golf Destinations

Don't limit yourself to renowned golfing regions alone. Some incredible golf resorts can be found in lesser-known areas. The higher the demand for a particular location or golf club, the higher the prices tend to be. To discover the best golf deals, consider exploring undiscovered golf destinations. Canada, for instance, hides some incredible hidden gems. Take the Tarandowah Golfers Club, a golf course near London, Ontario, which has been ranked among SCOREGolf's top golf courses in the country. Or you can check out the golf in Barrie, Ontario, where you’ll find over eight fantastic courses that are not only affordable but also offer exceptional experiences.

Play During Weekdays

Peak times often translate to peak prices. If you're looking for the best golf deals, consider playing during off-peak times, particularly on weekdays. While weekdays may not always align with your schedule, taking advantage of this option can lead to substantial savings. If you plan a golf vacation and can afford to take time off work during the week, you'll find that booking rounds during this period significantly reduces your expenses. Depending on the duration of your golf vacation, this tiny modification can reduce the cost of your golf trip by hundreds of dollars.

By implementing these strategies into your golfing endeavors, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of money you can save. Gone are the days when golf was solely reserved for special occasions due to its costly nature. With careful planning and savvy choices like opting for stay-and-play packages and taking advantage of off-peak times in lesser-known destinations, you can maximize your budget and indulge in golf more frequently throughout the season. Embrace the endless possibilities and unlock the full potential of the best golf deals available to you.

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