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5 Tips for Improving Your Clay Target Shooting Skills

Whether you are shooting for fun or for sport, it is always important to sharpen your skill set, because when it comes to clay target shooting, you want to get the most out of your round. Plus, you want to be able to hit the most targets. What fun is clay target shooting if you can’t hit your target? There are a number of ways to improve your clay target shooting skills that require a number of different tips and tricks – some are much simpler than you think. Moreover, a good double barrel shotgun will definitely help. Here are five tips for improving your clay target shooting skills.

  1. Relax and breathe. If you are tense while you shoot, you will not have have the most accuracy. This is why it is critical to do some metal meditation before you shoot. When you are about to hit your target, you want to make sure all your muscles are relaxed and that you are grounded. So, before you swing your rifle, you may want to take deep breath. When you are about to shoot, take a deep breath and when you pull the trigger, exhale slowly.
  2. Track the launch location of the clay target. When a clay target is launched, it is important to keep your eye on where it is coming from, because if you want to have a better chance of hitting your target, it is important to follow it from the begging of its trajectory to the time you pull the trigger. If you are at a target shooting range, you want pay attention to exactly where the target is coming from, because it could be coming from a strange angle. Also, knowing where the target comes from will allow you to adjust your position.
  3. Make sure to maintain the perfect stance. When it comes to clay target shooting, you want to make sure that you have the perfect position and stance. Angling your body and hugging your firearm in just the right way will allow for the most comfortable and accurate shot. So, before you shoot, be sure to find that position. And when you are shooting, you are allowed to take your time to find the position that works for you.
  4. Use the right weapon. It is critical that you use the right firearm when you shoot. If you are thinking seriously about getting into clay target shooting, you may want to invest in a rifle that is perfectly suited to you. If you visit, you can find a registry of numerous types of guns with their specifications, so that you can find the perfect rifle that is suited for you and your new clay target shooting hobby.
  5. Don’t shoot if you know you are going to miss. If you know that you won’t be able to make a certain shot, you should simply let it go. When it comes down to it, why waste valuable buck shot when you don’t have to?
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