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A Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Right Golf Clothing

If you happen to be watching any golfing tournament on TV you’ll notice how each player has their own dress style. Some wear loud and brash colours to match their personalities and others are a little more conservative. The right clothing isn’t simply a fashion statement, it can also help to enhance the way that you play.  With this in mind, as a beginner what do you look for? 

Golf Shoes

Consider your golf shoes as the second most essential piece of kit apart from your clubs. You cover a lot of distance during a 18 hole round, so they need to be comfortable. Other points to consider include choosing a pair made from a breathable and waterproof material. They will keep your feet aerated and dry. Finally, you’ll need good spikes to give traction when you drive off. 

Polo Shirts

A good polo shirt or collared golf shirt can look smart as well as being practical. Choose one that’s not tight fitting and gives you enough room to comfortably swing the club. In addition it also needs to be made from breathable material to keep you cool when needs must.

Golfing Trousers or Shorts

Most people opt for golfing trousers although golf shorts can look smart if you can carry off the look. Again trousers should be breathable and comfortable but not too tight. Shorts shouldn’t be too short. Just below knee length is about right, and absolutely no cut-offs or jeans.

Head Gear

Head gear isn’t solely a fashion statement, it’s also a necessity in golf. It can take quite a few hours to play an 18 hole course and if the sun is beating down on you, then a good cap or visa can protect you. In addition it helps to keep the glare of the sun from your face when taking that all important shot.


As we all know, the weather can be somewhat unpredictable. For this reason it pays to invest in a good set of waterproofs. They need to be breathable so you won’t sweat whilst wearing them, but fitting well so you still have room to take a shot comfortably.

There are many specialist sports shops and online websites where you can purchase your golf clothing and it can vary in price tremendously. Set yourself a realistic budget and always buy the best that you can afford. This way you know it’s going to last. Now you can concentrate on perfecting your game, without worrying about whether your clothes are hindering your performance. You can find a superb array of golf clothing online at

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