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A Guide to Paintball

Many people like the idea of trying paintball, but aren’t entirely sure as to what the sport entails. There are a lot of common misconceptions about paintball, including that the players will always come away looking like they’ve done 10 rounds in a boxing ring! But paintball is actually a lot safer, and therefore a lot more fun, than many people believe. So here is a comprehensive guide to paintball which may just inspire you to pick up the phone and book a game for yourself!

How Paintball Is Played

Most paintball games will take place outside. This is because paintball is a very active game, which involves a lot of running and/or hiding – depending on the player!

It’s usually played by two opposing teams of at least 5 people, who have to try and achieve an objective. This could simply be to ‘kill’ as many of the opposing team’s players as possible, or it could be something more strategic, such as trying to capture a flag or base. Games are played within a pre-determined time frame, according to specific rules, but many smaller games could take place within this. At the end, the team with the most overall wins will be declared victorious.

Who Plays Paintball?

Paintball is played by many different types of people, and is suitable for anyone from older children to older adults. However it tends not to be suitable for younger children who are more likely to suffer an injury, even if it’s just by falling down.

Paintball is often played by professionals during team building exercises. This is because, as a team game, it gets everyone working together to achieve a common goal. Players have to support and protect each other, to give their team the best chance of winning.

How Should You Prepare to Play Paintball?

In order to play paintball, you should firstly make sure you’re wearing the right clothing and footwear. This is because paintball is very active, and is often played on rough terrain. Nightgear Bates boots are a good example of the type of footwear worn by regular paintball players, as they support both the foot and the ankle whilst giving you the flexibility to be able to run and crouch.

Before you play, you will usually need to sign a waiver. This absolves the paintball company of any responsibility, should you get injured. It’s common knowledge that injuries can happen whilst playing paintball so, even though this likelihood is small, players are nonetheless required to understand the risk. However, as long as you follow the rules and don’t get too carried away, your paintballing experience will be one that you’ll be raring to try again.

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