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A Quick Guide on How to Play Tennis

Tennis is a game where practice is the one and only way to go if you are ready to learn the way to play tennis. There are no shortcuts as the strokes take practice to develop. One way of noticing your improvement is if your serves always hit the correct service box near the service line, or if you can approach the net and have a higher success rate than most players. For you to learn how to play tennis, focus on equipment, the various shots involved in the game, and the scoring, but I won't go into specifics on any particular topic.
 1. Equipment: There are three things you need to play tennis: a tennis racket, some tennis balls, and also a tennis court. You might need a tennis stringing machine as you advance, but that is best talked about at another time. The tennis racket is of course, specifically designed for the sport. Rackets are all quite similar: you have a handle (sometimes called a "grip") and oval shaped head with strings. The tennis ball is about over two inches in diameter and secured in felt. Typically, a ball is pressurized, so it bounces relatively high. Finally, a tennis court is 78 feet across and 27 feet wide (for singles) with two-inch white lines separating the various areas of the court.
 2. The Strokes: There are several basic strokes in tennis: the forehand, the backhand, and the serve. The forehand is hit with your dominant hand on the dominant side of your body. For example, if you are right handed, you would use that hand to hit a forehand on the right side of your body. The backhand is on your non-dominant side and hit with either one (your dominant arm, reaching across your body) or two hands. The server starts the point and must be hit behind the baseline into a service box. You also have volleys which are for more experienced players.
 3. The Scoring: The scoring of a tennis match is unique. You need to win four points to win a game and six games to win a set. Matches are typically best-out-of-three sets, but for major tournaments, they are best-out-of-five sets. Both players start at 0 - 0. Let's say the server wins the first point. He is now up 15 - 0. If he wins the next point, he is up 30 - 0, and if he wins the one after that he is up 40 - 0. So the first point you win gives you 15, the second 30, and the third 40. If both players make it to 40 (so 40 - 40), this situation is called deuce. From this spot, a player must win two consecutive points to win the game. If one player wins the first point, but the other player wins the next, they are back to deuce.

 Now that you have learned techniques of playing tennis, also consider the following tennis tips and watch as you become a better tennis player.
 1. Effort - This can make the difference between winning and losing on the court. Push yourself to exhaustion if necessary even if you're tired, always keep in mind that victory is never a guarantee. Putting that extra effort into it might change the outcome.
 2. Commitment - Keep your commitment as high as possible if you want to succeed in tennis, always do whatever it takes, against all odds, to win. Tell yourself over and over again, just get it over with.
 3. Instinct - The ability to complete a contest once a lead has been established. Don't even think about your opponents, keep your eyes on the prize, on victory and no one will stand in your way.
 4. Better your game - The skill to expand your performance when there is the opportunity to win is crucial. Extricate each tennis technique and strategy to your brain, and think about that longing for progress, that will pull you to the following level.
 5. Variety - Great tennis players knows how to win, even on a terrible day. They go for the win yet have plans if something turns out badly. With their longing to win, they can pinpoint the flaws of their play and right it, just to figure out how to win.
 6. Mentality - Learn how to play tennis with an uplifting state of mind; don't feel embarrassed to say you adore winning. Be sure with your tennis play and have faith in your prosperity and play accordingly. With this attitude, you might take your tennis game one step closer towards becoming a great tennis player.
 7. Confidence - If you acquire a lead, don't ever attempt to protect it. That would be thinking negative. What you need to do is to think of how you can increase your lead. With this state of mind, you will allow your confidence to stream through your body and let you increase your tennis performance.
8. Performance - Learn how to climb into that optimal performance state and ride the wave of success. Get in the flow and don't let anything block you on your way, just allow things to happen.
 9. Champions' Road - A true tennis champion doesn't have to play mind-games to succeed, he/she knows all that's necessary to excel in tennis.
 This is your goal, learn how to play tennis by getting used to all the tricks and counter them in the most efficient way.

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