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With the kids now back at school after the summer break, you may have realized that their uniform and kits don’t fit them anymore. It’s one of the biggest mysteries how they can grow out of their clothes so quickly and you end up having to splash out on more to make sure they don’t have to go to school in ill-fitting clothes or, worse still, they don’t get in trouble for not taking their own kit.

Physical education is becoming increasingly important on the school calendar, making sure that kids get enough physical activity in their lives to stay fit and healthy; but you need to buy specialist equipment for this. Whether you go to or the school’s own shop to buy them their socks, a specialist to buy a gum shield or hit the high street in search of football boots is down to your time and budget, but sometimes you just have to do it.

So what sports equipment do you actually have to buy to make sure they don’t get into trouble with their teachers? There is, after all, a difference between genuinely needing equipment, and wanting it because their friends have it.

Kit. We’ve touched upon this already, but taking your sports kit is essential. This could be anything from a school t-shirt, shorts and socks along with the appropriate footwear; right through to team kit for representative matches against other schools. Either way, they’re going to need to take their kit with them so it’s important that it’s all in good condition – it’s that age old line about having equipment you trust helping you to perform at your best.

Boots or Trainers. Having the right footwear is going to make a difference to their performance. If they’re having to play football in the rain in trainers, they’re going to spend more time on the floor than on their feet so having a good pair of boots with studs is key.

Protective Equipment. When playing contact sports such as football, cricket or rugby you need to have the appropriate protective equipment. Shin pads, gum shields and helmets are all vital so that you don’t get hurt by opponents or equipment, (like cricket balls), and at a young age are a legal requirement to participate.

Bags, If they are playing outdoors, there’s a good chance that they could end up wet and muddy so having a bag specifically for their sports kit will be particularly helpful. It will help to keep their school bag dry, and also to keep the dirt and water from getting to their school books.

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