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Be A Good Sport: Birthday Gift Ideas For Sports Lovers


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Sports-themed gifts are a great way of treating your sport-loving friends and family members on their birthday. But what if they already have the usual socks, hoodies, scarves and posters? In these case you need a special gift to win them over. Here are a few ideas that are sure to do the trick.

Game tickets

These are the ultimate gift for a sports fan. Tickets to big games can be pricey, but there are lots of small games that can be just as exciting and a lot cheaper. You can also find birthday combo deals for multiple games, season tickets or tickets that include a stadium tour. You’re best shopping online as opposed to buying straight from the venue’s site (there are many sites that specialise in concert and sports tickets). Surprise your friend or family member by only getting them a card and hiding the ticket inside.

Custom print shoes

A departure from the usual scarves, t-shirts and hoodies, custom print shoes can make an excellent unique sports gift. You can a pair of regular trainers printed, or custom print a pair of running shoes or football boots to make it a practical gift with a personalised touch.

Sports-themed computer mouse

A sports-themed office toy is a great way of cheering up those dull work days behind a desk. Computer mice are one of the more unique and practical sports-themed office items that you can buy. There are all kinds from Formula 1 car shaped mice to baseball hat shaped mice complete with team colours and branding.

Sports-themed cufflinks

Is there a wedding or special event coming up in which your friend or family may need to don a suit? Personalised cufflinks can be a great unique gift for such an occasion. You can get cufflinks in the shape of footballs and tennis rackets, or you can team specific ones. These are a great cheap either as a birthday extra or stocking filler for a close loved one, or as a single gift to a sport-loving friend or family member you may not know as well.

Sports-themed cookie cutter

For that friend/family member that seemingly has all the sports merch in the world, you need a really quirky gift, and what better alternative gift than a sports-themed cookie cutter? For those that love baking as well as sports, this is the ultimate gift, but even if they’re not too handy in the kitchen, they’ll most likely still want to try this gizmo out. It’s also a great gift for sports-loving children, targeting their sweet tooth and urging them to get involved in the kitchen.

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