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Beating the Cold Weather Blues

The worst part of cold weather for outdoor enthusiasts is the frigid temperatures. It can slow down the fun for the avid Can-Am Maverick owner. Cold blustery winds can make riding more miserable than necessary. Bundling up in multiple layers can help, but most often you are left to look out the window and start feeling the weight of winter blues. Side By Side Stuff offers the perfect solution to get you out and riding again in no time.

Enjoying the Outdoors Without Freezing

Blocking the cold winter winds is the best way to enjoy cruising in your Can-Am Maverick in the colder months of the year. Odd placements of tarps and duct taped plastic is not the solution. Below are a few of the ways you can beat winter weather and enjoy riding all year long.

Soft Cabs 

Side By Side Stuff offers soft cabs in a variety of styles and colors that are made to easily attach to your Can-AM Maverick. There are soft tops with rear window and side soft hinge doors. There are also several models with a front windshield. You be fully enclosed and protected from the winter weather elements. All can enclosures are made of the toughest materials. You can choose from marine grade canvas, aluminum or fiberglass. The level of protection is adjustable to accommodate for shifts in weather. There is a cab enclosure to fit every need and style desired.


Imagine riding on the range with a cozy heater tucked within the covered cab. There are model specific as well as universal brands at an affordable price. All are guaranteed to keep you warm and on the move, no matter what the outside temperature may be.

Heated Accessories

Side By Side Stuff can also bring on the warmth with the addition of a heated steering wheel and seat warmers. It is a guarantee that you will spend much more time in the great outdoors than being stuffed away suffering with cabin fever. These items are easy to install and durable for many winters to come.

Do not spend the cold months with your Can-Am Maverick tucked away. Get out and enjoy it by adding a few accessories from Side By Side Stuff that will keep you warm and focused on outdoor fun. Click here now and get started on a simple project that will ensure an action packed fall and winter on your Can-Am Maverick!

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