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Brand Focus: Gunn and Moore Cricket Bats

Choosing the right cricket bat is important if you care about enhancing your performance. Cricket bats, their design, their durability and their grade are some of the biggest contributors to your game – after technique and personal fitness.

Gunn and Moore cricket bats are one of the leading brand names in the market today and here we take a closer look at the brand. For anyone in search of a new cricket bat, here is some handy information about Gunn and Moore and their high grade willow cricket bats.

The Brand Behind the Bats

Gunn and Moore was established back in 1885 and the company have a long history of producing advanced cricket equipment. For over 115 years, Gunn and Moore have been designing cricket bats and they are recognised for their innovation and intelligent product development.

Currently Gunn and Moore bats are endorsed by pro players from England, New Zealand and Australia, making them a global leader.

8 Different Bat Qualities to Suit Your Needs

The full range of cricket bats come in 8 different bat qualities to suit personal budget and performance so any cricketer can find a bat that is ideal for his/her needs. The choices start from seasoned grade 4 willow to unbleached seasoned grade 1 English willow and each bat is designed to give you outstanding performance.

Each bat is designed to offer a 5 star performance for the cricketer, with multi-piece can handles that allow you to manoeuvre your bat quickly and smoothly. Here are just some of the models available:

  • The Octane F2 is a large sized bat with a flat face, low swell and contoured edges.
  • The Argon F2 is yet another large bat with a flat face and concaved back profile.
  • Epic has been designed with a huge concave profile making it the perfect bat for an all round stroke player.
  • Zona F2 is a brand new design which came in for 2013 and can provide cricketers with concentrated power.
  • Icon F2 has a very powerful performance and features great balance and pick up.

These are just a few of the excellent bat designs by Gunn and Moore available. If you would like to find out more about the brand or its high performance range of products, visit a reputable retailer such as Talent Cricket.

Talent Cricket is a stockist of Gunn and Moore cricket bats and a range of other top cricket brands.

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