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GDPR: How Does It Affect Sports Club Management?

There’s no denying the fact that managing your own sports club and helping other individuals get together to have fun can be an enriching experience. There are so many different ways you can maintain a club - and just as many directions where you can take it. Are you interested in bringing your club to the big leagues? You’re more than welcome to try. Interested in a more casual experience? That’s an entirely viable direction to take.

However, there are certain things that you cannot avoid when it comes to sports club management, such as General Data Protection Regulation - or GDPR for short. As a matter of fact, GDPR in Sport is so important that the consequences for non-compliance can be hefty indeed.

Why is GDPR so important?

The main reason why GDPR is crucial to sports club management is that it serves as a regulator of those who hold the data of others. When it comes to overall sports club management, you won’t be able to avoid collecting the personal data of those who join your club, and the GDPR serves to protect those individuals. Without it, you would be taking a monumental risk joining any sports club - or any other organisation for that matter - as you won’t be able to stop them from doing what they want with your data.

Why a basic understanding of GDPR is needed

For anyone who happens to be running a sports club, it will always involve the collection and storage of certain types of personal data. Examples of this would be the email address, alongside others. If you do not have a basic understanding of GDPR, then you will not know how to effectively comply with their regulations, increasing the chances of non-compliance. This could effectively lead to fines that could prove to be too much to handle. In fact, certain sports clubs have been completely dragged through the mud thanks in large part to the substantial fine given to them by the GDPR for being non-compliant.

What understanding GDPR entails

This can range from the overall awareness of the information that you hold, all the way to acquiring consent and dealing with breaches of data. These are all crucial if you’re going to be managing your sports club, and while there’s plenty of fun to be had, it’s essential that you not ignore what GDPR requires of your club.

To conclude, the GDPR can affect your sports club in substantial ways. If you are compliant and have an understanding of how to remain in their good graces, they can help your sports club in a multitude of ways. On the other hand, if you completely disregard their warnings, the fines that they impose will ensure that you won't be able to keep your sports club for long. It would be best to err on the side of caution and ensure that you have all the information you need to be compliant with their regulations.


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