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Horse Racing - Vital Information and History

After basketball, it is horse racing that is the next most widely attended sporting event. It was popular as a game for the nobility and the kings and is among the most ancient sports. The origins of the contemporary racing date back to the 12th century after the English knight’s return from the Crusades with the speedy Arabian horses. The sport of horse racing flourished in the form of a professional game at the time when Queen Anne reigned. 

Vital Facts About Horse Racing

It is an equestrian sport having its origin in central Asia. For millennia this is in practice because it is the world's most ancient sport. In today's contemporary time horse racing has turned into a critical professional sport all across the globe including South America, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Western Europe, Ireland, Great Britain, Canada and more. When it comes to types, the list is indeed long but of these the most widely practiced and significant types of horse racing are as follows,

  • Flat Racing- Here, the horse runs on a leveled racecourse and here various breeds of horses are used.
  • Thoroughbred Racing- Only a special breed of horse takes part in the thoroughbred racing.
  • Steeplechasing- This is a racing over jumps. Here the horse needs to pass a few obstacles such as water jumps, timber rails, stone walls, and brush fences.
  • Point to point Racing- This type of horseracing is done over fences both for amateur riders and hunting horses.
  • Hurdle- This is a form of race that takes place over a course where the horse jumps over different types of hurdles/obstacles.
  • Harness Racing- Here the driver will sit in a tiny cart and pull, the horse's pace

There are many popular race courses where horse racing takes place on a regular basis such as Remington Park, Turf Paradise, Laurel Park to name a few. And there are a couple of prestigious races held all year round. Some major events include but is not limited to the following,

  • The Triple Tiara
  • The Breeders’ Cup
  • The Belmont Stakes
  • The Preakness Stakes
  • The Kentucky Derby

A trained and experienced breed does not make it a guaranteed winner when it comes to the race track. There are other vital factors too related to horse racing apart from the breed of the horse. A good trainer plays a pivotal role in the horse’s success. It is he who will perfectly subject the horse into various exercises particularly equestrian activities. The right trainer will improve any horse’s odds for sure.

Do not underestimate the role of a jockey as he is the person that will be with a horse at the time of the actual race. It is, therefore, crucial for him to have excellent communication and excellent riding skills with the horse. The World Wide Web will offer you a plethora of information related to horse racing. You will come across enough horse racing tips that will help you enjoy this sport to the fullest.

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