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How To Get More Protein In Your Breakfast

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you want to make sure that it’s healthy as well. Some people think that in order to lose weight, skipping breakfast is effective; however, it’s a lot better for you and your general health if you just change what you eat at breakfast instead. For example, making sure you have high-protein foods in the morning can not only help with weight loss but it also builds muscle and boosts your energy for the day. What more could you want?

How does eating more protein help?

Essentially, your muscles are made up of two types of filaments and these are made up of amino acids which link together. Eating more protein means your body can join up for more of these amino acids

together and this creates muscle. However, as protein can’t be stored, you have to maintain your muscle growth by continuing to eat a balanced diet. Incorporating more protein into your breakfast is not only easy, but it will give you the boost you need to start your day off right!

Getting more protein in your breakfast:

  1. Swap ingredients for high protein ones

We all love cheese, and nothing says a good breakfast like a cheese omelette, but unfortunately, cheese can be fattening and as a result, a lot of people take it out of their diets. Are you prepared to do that? We didn’t think so.

Instead, try switching up your ingredients for ones that are higher in protein. Eatlean Cheese offer a range of cheeses which are much lower in calories and higher in protein than standard cheddar. 45% more protein, 90% less fat and 55% fewer calories than standard cheddar in fact! Whether you’re looking for grated, smoked, hard cheese or cream cheese, they’ve got it and it’s all 100% natural!

  1. Greek Yoghurt

Start having Greek yoghurt for breakfast – it’s a quick and easy meal which is jam-packed with protein. While you can eat it by itself, it might taste a little bland. If that's the case, throw some chopped almonds, a little honey and a few berries to make it the ultimate protein-rich breakfast.

  1. Eggs

The common breakfast foods (e.g. toast, cereals) are actually relatively low in protein, so start switching these up for eggs. Not only do eggs taste a lot nicer than plain old toast (let’s be honest), but they are more filling and are one of the highest foods in protein!

  1. Protein Shake

Even if you’re not a breakfast person, it’s still important to have something to get your body up and ready. Try drinking protein shakes in the morning – not only can you get them in different flavours (chocolate, yum!), but they are also rich in protein and you can have them on the go! There’s no need for a sit-down breakfast when you can have this instead.

  1. Peanut Butter

If you find that you can’t stray away from toast every morning, try swapping out the butter for peanut butter. Peanut butter is incredibly rich in protein and is the perfect butter substitute. However, make sure you look at the ingredients before buying it – more often than not, peanut butter can be filled with sugar which wouldn't be the healthiest of breakfasts! Make sure you check that the butter is natural and organic before adding it to your breakfast routine.

If you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle then eating breakfast and upping your protein intake should be your top two priorities, so you might as well do them at the same time! We understand that it’s not always easy to change your diet, but these 5 tips are easy and quick ways to start increasing your protein intake within your breakfast meals!

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