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Indian Team is Known to perform better in T20 cricket

Cricket has been treated as a very prestigious sport in India and the Indian team is well versed with all the variants of the game, after winning the world cup two times the team has established themselves as one of the top teams of the world. This being said, the team has not been able to deliver a consistent performance, they had their bad times where they have taken notable beatings. However, they have risen with a competitive spirit each time and they have had some incredible comebacks.

This is because the Indian team has had a history of fluctuating confidence because of many factors like changing players, inadequate exposure, wrong line ups and extreme pressure to live up to their own name. The team always knew their weaknesses and have work a lot create a balanced performance which is also consistent and reliable, they learned this because of their exposure to the Twenty-20 format. This format of the game brought a new level of competition to the game. Though it has been unpredictable in the beginning and many top teams had to re-strategize their games, eventually many teams got the hang of it and the Indian team was one of them. This game is played at staggering speeds since each team only has 20 overs to bat, the bowling team plays equally aggressive as they wish to give least opportunities for the other team to score. 

The Indian team has had a decent amount of success in playing T20 games, its players have matured and become exceptional players. The form of the batsman is improved while playing T20 matches due to a number of factors, firstly the limited overs put them in a lot of stress to perform, and facing the bowlers when they are trying everything they can to get wickets. This exposure has pushed the players to emerge with an elevated form which delivered staggering run rates, this can be clearly seen in the recent matches played by them. Now, in the upcoming T20 Asia Cup they will be playing against their close rivals and neighboring countries. 

This year’s T20 Asia Cup will be quite exciting as the Indian Teams is known to perform better in T20 cricket, matches will begin on the 24th of February and it will be an event that no cricket fan should miss. YuppTV is presenting an exclusive live telecast of the Micromax Asia Cup 2016 T20, all you need is a simple online registration to enjoy live streaming matches in some regions.

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