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Long-Term Healing with Physical Therapy

When it comes to chronic pain, you’ll only find a certain level of relief through medications. While these can take the edge off, they don’t typically address the underlying problem. In some cases, the issue will resolve on its own with time and healing. However, there are many situations where you may need a little help to address the pain, improve range of motion and reclaim your active life. With the right exercises and physical therapy treatments, you may be able to move through this difficult time and enjoy a higher quality of life again.

The Goal of Therapy

With physical therapy, you’ll engage in a very specific exercises and treatments that target the area in question. The goal is often to break up scar tissue, improve mobility, and increase flexibility. It’s often used after joint surgeries to help people limber up the tendons and regain as much range of motion as possible.

Ongoing Work

The work doesn’t just take place in the therapists office. In most cases, the exercises need to be done daily or even several times every day to achieve the desired results. You’ll be shown different exercises that must be done at home so that you can overcome the challenges and move forward. As your flexibility and strength improves in that joint, the exercises will be expanded or adjusted. You may see the therapist several times a week to track progress and customize the treatment plan.

Things to Avoid

Physical therapy can also be used to help you pinpoint things that should be avoided. If you’ve been walking with a limp to compensate for knee pain, then you may be given tips on how to straighten out your gait. This will help you avoid the types of actions that inadvertently lead to move pain and muscle tension.

Holistic Help

You may also be advised to use ice packs for inflammation and het to warm the muscles and help them move more effectively. This type of non-invasive, holistic treatments can help you address the short-term pain while you’re working towards long-term relief. They may also show you gentle stretches that can be done to keep the muscles, tendons and ligament limber if you’re feeling stiff. Physical therapy is an evidence-based treatment program and has been used to treat a range of injuries and chronic conditions. It’s often used in conjunction with surgery or other medical treatments to address underlying issues and provide people with the long-term healing they need.

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