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Mastering the “turning” on skis: A handy guide

Are you heading to Switzerland to try on the new skiing moves you have learnt? Or you might be an amateur snowboarder wanting to ski the Alpine range for the first time? Turning is the most critical skill that you need to master. It controls your speed and moves you in the direction you want to turn.

Master the skills and tricks of skiing at Ski Bro in Switzerland. Most beginners try to get the hang of turning by using a snow plow or a gliding wedge but what about when the surface is not gentle or flat? With steeper terrains comes a steeper practice routine!

The concept of edging

A perfect turn is usually a parallel turn because the skis remain parallel to each other at the end of the turn. It is also called edging which is the act of scraping the sides of the ski against the surface which allows the skier to control the speed and make a turn. The general rule of thumb; the more the skis are perpendicular to the slope, the more the edging. 

For getting a quick hang of it, you need to practice hockey stops. Make a sharp turn to the left or right depending on the direction you want to turn or stop and bring the skis parallel to each other without touching. Edge the skis hard on the surface if you want a dead stop or keep some momentum to take into the next turn. That is more challenging than the wedge method for stopping, but once you get the hang of it, you will realize why this is the best way to go!

Turning techniques

There are certain body postures and biomechanics involved in an adventure sport like skiing. For example, to turn to the right, you can drop the left shoulder towards the left ski tip which will increase the pressure on the left and allow you to make a right turn. Apply the same, but on the opposite side for a left turn even if it seems counterintuitive! Try it on a gentle slope and always go through your warm-up practices to avoid injuries. Another key point to remember is that when on a downhill skill, the right ski is the downhill ski for making a left turn and vice versa.

Use the poles

Amateurs and beginners usually do not learn the use of poles until they have mastered the basic skills of skiing. Poles are there to maintain the rhythm of skiing and are not for balance and support. Now that is out of the way, try pole planting while turning. If you want to initiate a left turn, you will plant the left pole and shift your weight on the right ski and vice-versa.

Start on a snow plow as it is a great starting point for any beginner. Develop good control which is a solid platform for advancing rapidly. Refine your technique with regular practice sessions and jet down those slopes in Switzerland. See you there.   

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