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Set Up A Professional Wresting Tournament In Four Simple Steps

There are lots of people out there who do not think wrestling is a real sport. To be fair, the matches are often scripted, and the opponents tend to work together. Even so, there is no getting away from the fact that professional wrestlers are true athletes. Indeed, you only have to take a look at some of the WWE’s top stars to see how hard those sportsmen and women work. Organizing a professional wrestling tournament could be a fantastic way of making some extra money. It’s also great for giving local people some entertainment that is suitable for the entire family. We’re going to list four essential steps you should take to ensure success. Read them carefully!

Decide on your venue and hire a ring

In most instances, school halls and community centers are the best venues for wrestling events. You can look for bigger premises if your tournament becomes a success. You might even want to launch a new league if that happens. Just look online at establishments in your chosen area to create your shortlist. Once you’ve found the ideal building, you need to contact ring hire companies. There is no point buying a ring for your first event. That would make it almost impossible for you to make a profit.

Book your wrestlers

Finding wrestlers is easy these days thanks to the internet. All professionals will work for an agency, and so you just have to make some phone calls. The athletes will want their money before turning up to the venue. So, it makes sense to avoid spending your entire budget. As this is your first event, some professionals might be willing to accept payment at a later date. Just remember these aren’t the type of people you want to mess around. The last thing you need is to be on the receiving end of a Stone Cold stunner when trying to organize a tournament.

Create a spacious locker room

The athletes you employ for the evening will need space to get ready. You should section off a certain percentage of your venue using a black curtain. Behind that material, you can place lots of chairs and equipment. Wrestlers will often want to use gym tools to improve their performance on the night. To make yourself appear more professional, getting some accurate scales is a good idea. That will allow you to tell the audience the weight of each wrestler as they enter the arena. Central Carolina Scale and similar experts know exactly which products you will require. Just contact a few companies and see how much they charge.

Promote your event

All wrestling tournaments will need heavy promotion. You need to advertise the show in lots of different ways. Posters are always popular because they tend to grab attention. However, you should also launch a website and use social media. Create some promotional video clips with your wrestlers and post them on YouTube. Wrestling fans love to see a nice buildup to the event. That could help you to sell more tickets.

With those four simple steps, anyone can set up a killer wrestling tournament. The only other thing you need to think about is insurance. In most instances, you should simply contact relevant companies and ask about their policies. There are so many wrestling events each year in the US that you won’t have trouble finding a firm that specializes in the insurance side of things.

We hope your evening goes off without a hitch!

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