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The Most Popular Sports in the World

Different sports are played everywhere all across the world. Different players play different sports depending on their needs. Others play as carriers, others as a hobby whereas others just play as part of their fitness requirements. Most of these games have become so popular thus drawing a huge following from different parts of the world.All games have different rules and characteristics that are governed by a specific international body. Want to play yourself? Learn more about athletic shoes here.

Most of these top sports are included in international games like Olympics where different countries across the world come together to compete and play against each other. This brings unity and cohesion among different countries around the world. These sports are also considered as lucrative industries since they generate a lot of money in revenues, precisely in the developed countries. Here are some of the most popular games in the world right now.


Football is considered as the most popular sport in the world. This game involves 11 different players on each team including the goalkeeper, and the main aim is to tackle and score against the other opponent. The game is played in an open field as goalkeepers are required to block the ball from going through the net. Football has over 4 billion supporters worldwide thus making it the most popular game in the world. Interested in playing?


This is yet another popular game that is played by 5 players on each team. The players play on a rectangular court and their main aim is to throw the ball inside the net of the other opponent. Different points are added depending on the distance you are throwing the ball from. Basketball has over 3 billion fans worldwide and is mostly played in the United States.

Field Hockey

According to reports, field hockey was early played in Netherland, Scotland, and England. At that time, the game was being played on a ground with grass, but now it is played on solid turf. Each team consist of eleven players including the goalkeeper as all players are required to use hockey sticks to play. This is a game that is embraced by most countries including Pakistan and India with over 2.2 billion fans worldwide.


This is a racked game that is played on either a clay or solid court. Tennis can be played between one or two team partners against each other by using a racket and sphere rubber ball. The court is separated by a net between them. If the ball is hit in a way that might be difficult for the other player to return the ball, then the opponent will earn an extra point. This game is played worldwide and it originated from Birmingham in England. Tennis has over 1 billion fans watching on tv and through the internet all across the world.


This is yet another interesting sport that cannot be left out in the list. Volleyball is played by two different teams against each other with 6 players each. Both teams are required to score points by throwing and controlling the ball with your hands and putting down the ball on the court of the other opponent. Due to its popularity, volleyball has developed to be the official program of the summer Olympics. The court is divided by a net, and that is why it is known as a 3 touch game. It is watched by over 900 million people, but mostly are in Asia

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