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The Rules of Competitive Fishing

Copetitive fishing doesn’t tend to get widely reported on in the news. It’s certainly nowhere near as popular as sports such as rugby or football! Nevertheless, competitive fishing has a long, proud history, and traditions which are just as rich – if not richer – as any other sport.

There are many clubs and groups around the world who take part in competitive fishing, and each of these will hold their own competitions which may vary in terms of the rules and standards to which participating anglers must adhere. There are, however,  larger competitive circuits which abide by more universally recognised rules, and it is these rules which we will examine here.

The Basic Structure of Fishing Competitions

Most fishing competitions are usually conducted along the same lines. Anglers will try to catch as many fish as they can within a pre-determined period of time, and the winner will be judged according to the total weight of their catch.

It’s usually the case that, when taking place in a professional competition, the anglers will be judged only on the weight of one particular species of fish. If they catch any others, they must either throw them back or exclude them from their final entry.

Diving Deeper into the Rules of Competitive Fishing

In addition to the two basic tenets outlined above, there are a number of other rules which anglers must abide by. However these rules will vary between competitions, and between clubs.

One such rule relates to the location of the angler during the competition. Some tournaments require that anglers fish from land, whilst others require anglers to catch fish from on board a boat. Of course, sometimes the location of the angler will be determined by the environment in which they are fishing – for example, many fishing competitions take place on confined bodies of water, such as lakes or large, specially stocked ponds.

Other competitions have very strict rules about what kinds of bait and lures must be used. If an angler deviates from the pre-approved varieties, he or she may be disqualified. This is to ensure that fish are caught according to the skill of the angler, and not due to any special treat which they might be dangling before the fish!

Are You Interested In Competitive Fishing?

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