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Top Reasons Why It Is Important to Wear Appropriate Cycling Apparel

Cycling is one sport that is slowly gaining popularity all over the world. More and more people ride their bikes, whether it is to go to work or school, to race or just to get some sweat out of their system. Those who are new to the sport may wear just about anything when biking, not knowing that it is essential to wear the right clothing, not only to be able to move freely but to feel cool despite sweating as well.


Aerodynamics is one factor that every cyclist should consider, especially those who race. Tight cycling shorts and jerseys provide cyclists with the aerodynamics that they need. They wear custom clothing that manufacturers like make according to their body measurements. Wearing loose clothing will create drag, making it hard to go fast. The flap of extra clothing will slow down the cyclist. The helmet is another thing that helps speed up the cyclist. The aerodynamics will depend on the helmet’s design.


You may think that tight clothing is uncomfortable. On the other hand, when you wear the right clothing, you feel more comfortable than when you wear loose clothing. You are also able to move more freely if you wear a jersey and cycling shorts. Baggy shorts may prevent you from bending your knees.

Moisture absorption

Cycling jersey manufacturers use fabrics designed to absorb moisture from the body, but still provide coolness or warmth when needed. Lycra, polyester and wool are the three most common fabrics used in cycling apparel. The reason for this is that they are outstanding in absorbing moisture away from the body. The moisture then evaporates and provide coolness to the body. Cotton does not do the same as Lycra, and other fabrics do. When cotton gets wet, it stays wet. Besides the inability to absorb moisture, it also slows down the cyclist because wet clothing is heavy. The abovementioned fabrics are all lightweight, so easy and cool to wear, even if you sweat.

Injury prevention

Helmets are a must in cycling. Besides providing aerodynamics, its main feature is for the safety of the cyclist. You may encounter falls during your rides, and your helmet will shield your head from injuries. The cleats are another part of the essential gear to prevent injuries. Cleats sit perfectly on your feet, making it easy to grip the pedals. Gloves also prevent your hands from injuries. They are especially useful on long rides and races, as gripping the handles for long periods can hurt the hands. They may even develop calluses if you don’t wear gloves.

Invest in proper cycling apparel: cycling shorts, jerseys, bibs, gloves, cleats and a helmet. It may cost you money to buy this gear, but you can be sure that you will be cycling quite comfortably, and you may also prevent accidents by wearing the right equipment. If you are serious about the sport, you know that it is not only the bike that you have to spend on.


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