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Women bike riders and their choice in bike riding gear

It's the 21st century, and indeed we are moving towards the women's era! For women are gracefully expanding their horizons and taking part in adventure sports, that only used to be a domain for men. For instance, dirt bike riding and motorbike riding has witnessed more women riders this year than ever. And women are more meticulous about their motorbike accessories and riding gear than their male counterparts. Male motorcyclists are more involved with the function of their riding gears. Women motorcyclists, on the other hand, keep in mind both function and style concerning their riding gears.

Availability of women riding gears

Recently, the availability in women’s riding gear has increased. Hence, at times it can be slightly overwhelming for women riders to decide on their riding gears. Today, you can be plus-sized, petite or could be an in-between size, but well-known brands are working towards designing and manufacturing specific riding gear.  A customized and well-tailored company with ask for some time to understand the required comfort and security in your dirt bike or any other motorbike ride.

It is essential for women always to select an expert manufacturer for their riding gear. Only an ace manufacturer will use high-end material that would provide both correct fit and also natural movement. Today, several brands are engaged in designing Motocross Gear and many other kinds of riding wears.

Important choices to make

Most women don't want to leave any of their skin exposed. Hence, it's a smart call to select a riding gear that provides a head-to-toe coverage. When you are making your selection ensure that you choose a DOT approved helmet. When you are deciding on a helmet, make sure on the fitting. It should be snug, but then again not very tight; else it will end up hurting your head. In addition to that, different women have different head shapes. And no one size fits all. You need to browse through the options available and customize your helmet if need be. You can't be risking your ride wearing either a very tight or lose helmet. 

Testing your helmet before you purchase it is essential. So, when you wear the helmet for the first time, do shake your head on both sides. A perfect helmet is one that will not slide around. Check how the cheek pads fit you. Keep a check that your helmet doesn’t rock up and down when the chin bar gets pushed. If you want you can take out the inner pads so that the helmet fits you better. Also, how you arrange your hair also determines the fit of your helmet.

Many brands provide a helmet that has an inbuilt sun visor. Are you planning to wear an open-face helmet? If yes, then securing your eye is essential. Also, you need to search for eyewear that's effective in blocking the wind and is impact resistant.

Last but not least, when you are selecting bike riding pants and jackets, you need to choose the correct fabric and material. Decide whether you want a textile or a leather jacket and pant. Leather has more weight and is also not waterproof. On the other hand, the textile is considered to be lightweight and is also water resistant. If color is what you prefer, the textile is the best choice for you. And if you want to stay more basic, choose a leather jacket that will make your riding gear stand out that the rest. Women motorcyclists today want to get noted both for the persona, style in dressing as well as the riding itself.

Designing the motorcycle clothing

Motorcycle clothing gets designed and customized to fit very comfortably when a rider is astride a bike. It is essential that you select a CE-sanctioned armor so that it gives you better fit and security. Additionally, if you are interested in biking in a warmer region, it is essential to take into account a perforated or a mesh jacket. Such a coat will enable free movement of the air that is essential to carry out bike riding in the most effective way. Similarly, when you are biking in a cold region, ensure that you opt-in for a three-quarter length jacket that has liners so that you stay warm.

If you have a jacket that has expansion panels and other adjustments right at the hip and waist, it is a good fit. It is perfect for riding in cold places where you can add more layers. At the same time, when you add the layers make sure that the fit of the jacket isn't very tight. As if it's tight you won't be able to add any sweatshirt beneath it. It’s important to keep your jacket slightly fitting. Make sure that it feels firm and tight towards the shoulders and back.

Select your gloves well

A bike riding gear is incomplete without a glove. It is because gloves don’t just cover your hands, but also helps to keep it secured. And today, multiple styles are becoming prevalent. For instance, there is the gauntlet style that seals the gap between the gloves and the jacket sleeves. It will allow you to make your wrist bones stay entirely covered. Padding is a crucial element of gloves. Padding gives both comfort and also secures gloves. Furthermore, ensure that your gloves are not very heavy else it will lead to a lousy riding grip, and that might result in discomfort in bike riding as well other uneasiness.

When you ponder on the dirt bike or motorbike riding for women you also need to look into several other accessories like pants, tops, head and eye gears, socks, armbands, hip padding and many more. It is also essential to make sure that ladies are selecting the correct boots so that they don't succumb to any pressure on their feet while they are driving. Women in recent times have shown more interest in all kinds of adventure biking. And to be able to fulfill their journey successfully they need the correct attire and in the best fit possible.

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